REALTORS Reverse Roles and Make a Difference with Short Sales

Agents, remember back in the day when there was tons of FSBOs (For Sale by Owners) and you were knocking on doors asking for business? Many FSBOs viewed agents as panhandling for their commissions. Eventually, if they couldn’t sell their home on their own, an agent was a necessary evil to get the house sold and closed. Many begrudgingly paid your commissions.
Well, we are now faced with an entirely different role in the short sale industry. From counseling thousands of homeowners in trouble, I can tell you that foreclosure and the perils of the situation are unfamiliar territory to those struggling with their financial situation. They are in a serious fog about it all. Lack of knowledge is running rampant.

On your part, with a little research from accurate sources you have something now that sellers need. Think of the power in that statement. You have something that, with a little marketing effort, will have people coming to you for aid and support. It’s all about knowledge you can provide.

On the flip side, knowledge can give you the confidence to strike out in the short sale business, which is a phenomenal opportunity in today’s real estate. Nationally, there are agents making their fortunes in short sales.

Let’s look at how your role has changed and the value you now have as an agent to your sellers:

1. You can provide options and information so they can make educated and vitally important decisions with their huge foreclosure issues.

2. You are the catalyst to preserve their financial future

3. You are the Super Man or Super Woman who can save them from the extreme pain that comes with their foreclosure situation.

Having said all that, imagine what power you have! Think of the referrals when you successfully help people solve their momentous issues. More importantly and beyond your increased income, you can really make a difference in people’s lives. In some counties, REALTORS® are making a difference in their community that can be tangibly seen with reduced foreclosures or abandoned properties. Let’s make a difference when it is most needed.

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