How to Stay Out of Jail While Wholesaling…
Last week I recorded a 30 minute interview with Attorney Jeff Watson and we dissected the way 99% of Real Estate Investors are wholesaling, and the dangerous systems 99% of investors are doing that could be A FELONY in your state.
On the interview we covered;
– What the laws of wholesaling REALLY say you can and can’t do
– The 2 common ways you can wholesale EVERY single deal 
– What a contract really is and what you can legally do with it regardless of what it says (THIS IS HUGE)
– Why Bird-Dogging, Co-Wholesaling, Reverse Wholesaling are totally illegal. 
– Inadequate Earnest money
– The deals you should and shouldn’t put under contract
– 5 states (that you’re probably in) and how it’s a FELONY if you wholesale or are wholesaled to the wrong way
– Why marketing homes on social media that you don’t own or just have a contract on is 100% illegal
Obviously this is a very serious interview but Jeff and I are here to help you build, or re-build, your Real Estate Investing business. We’re not the bad guys…
You will discover the only legal way to profit from Wholesaling!
Brian & Jeff


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What did we cover you may be asking?
  • Wholesaling – What it is and How it Works!
  • How to Build Your Dream Team (Roles & Responsibilities)
  • How to FIND the DEALS with the most profit potential
  • How to Determine the Wholesale Value of a Property (Doing the Math)
  • How to Negotiate the Deal from A to Z
  • The Closing Process – Step by Step directions
  • How to Identify the Perfect Cash Buyers and Sellers
  • All the Paperwork Involved from Start to Finish
  • What are the Pro’s & Cons of Working with Virtual Assistants
  • Pitfalls to Avoid & How to Stay LEGAL…(Featuring Jeff Watson)
  • How to Make Thousands with NO Credit, NO Money, and MUCH MORE!
  • Featured: Expert Panel Discussion (Afternoon Session)
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