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(Doors Open 6:30pm)

Come to the 1201 E Wyoming Ave Philadelphia, PA 19124 to Attend Our Real Estate Event


Start Building Wealth in Real Estate in Philadelphia

There are 2, and ONLY 2, reasons why people don’t invest in real estate!


There are 2, and ONLY 2, reasons why part-time investors don’t go full-time

and leave their job!


There are 2, and ONLY 2, reasons why full-time investors don’t have the size

business and income they would like to have!



2. Lack of CAPITAL aka MONEY


What if I told you that we have;


THIS is who we are, THIS is what we do, THIS is what you’re being invited to come check out.


Look, I can’t say that we’re a good fit for each other.  I honestly don’t know that to be true while you’re reading this!


Why I can say is that you are invited to come check us out and then let’s see what we can possibly do TOGETHER.


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What Are People Saying About The Event

Brian, closed one with nationstar and second one with ocwen should be closing in the next week or so. Your system and teaching ROCKS and is the real deal. Thank you so much.

Ken – Real Estate Investor

Brian, just last week I cashed a check for $8,000.00, and a month ago another $ 4,000.00 working your system and following your FFP course! I still use it successfully because I want to make sure I’m doing business the right, and legal, way. Thanks again for everything.

Tony – Real Estate Wholesaler

“I primarily invest in short sales. I have learned so many things from Brian’s Flip Free Profits Program. My first deal with what I learned from it made me $10,000 (I did A-C) $20,000 (I also applied A-C) then I just closed last week A-B for $31,500 and closing today the B-C for $65,000, which gives gross profit of $33,500. My next goal is to have $40,000 and above.”

Tess Pascua – Real Estate Investor